What Taylor Swift Actually Eats in a Day


What Taylor Swift Actually Eats in a Day

She's got that red lip, classic thing you like—and some simple keys for eating healthy without depriving yourself.


  1. Tomas Herzlich

    The superstar singer and songwriter told Elle she's always loved to cook but now that she's in full adult mode, she's perfected a few foolproof dinner party recipes. In Swift's pursuit of the ideal dinner party recipe, she noted three that she told the magazine she'll be making for life

    1. Melanie Lenoir

      Liquid diets can work, like any diet that gives you fewer calories than you use. When you drastically cut calories, your metabolism slows to save energy. Unless you change your eating habits, you're likely to regain the weight you lost after you go off the liquid diet

  2. Carole Stout

    Taylor Swift's favorite food "if calories didn't exist" is chicken tenders (reasonable). Go-to fast-food order: a cheeseburger and fries with a chocolate shake (also reasonable). The last thing she baked was a gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate cake.

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