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    We hate to bore you but this Privacy Statement is important for you, the visitor to our website, so please read this in full and be aware how we collect information and what other 3rd party service we use.

    We at are committed to providing you a resource to information without cost or hinderance to you. Like you, we enjoy browsing the web and reading websites on topics we enjoy.

    Like you, we don't enjoy visiting websites that puts advertising before content.
    We take pride in our website and we consider it a side hobby, a labour of love, that we want all our visitors to enjoy.


    Whenever you visit a website you pass certain information from your device.
    Most websites will collect this information and store it for a duration of time but what they do with the information is what's important.
    This Privacy Statement outlines the information we collect and what other 3rty party services might be used on this website.


    Like most websites we make use of internet cookies, a small file that's stored on your device.
    This file records how visitors use our website such as clicking on various links, pages visited, and how long you've spent on the site. Data collected by our cookies is anonymous.

    We also use Google Analytics, a service that uses third-party tracking cookies to track visitors who use our website.
    The Analytics collected by Google allow us to determine how our website is used but more importantly what areas of our site needs improvement with. To find out more on how Google Analytics collects and safeguards your data please click here to read their help page.
    If you do not agree to Google collecting data you can either stop using our website or install the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on available here


    You can either block or delete cookies whenever you like and it wont disrupt your browsing experience on our site.
    Certain web browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, provides options to disable and delete cookies, although our website relies on cookies your browsing experience on our site should not be affected.

    Other 3rd party applications, such as CCleaner, can help to remove all traces of cookies on your computer. We recommend performing such actions periodically as part of your rights to privacy on the web.

    MAILING LISTS provides a mailing list option to readers.
    We will never contact you unless we're replying to an email you have sent us or if you have subscribed to our mailing list option. If you do receive an email from our site without ever contacting us please delete the email immediately.

    If you do email us then your email will be deleted within 30 days and no information is retained.


    To provide our website as a free resource to our readers we use 3rd party adverts to help pay for the hosting and maintenance of our website. To help serve relevant adverts on our site our advertising partners use targeted cookies.

    Our biggest partner is Google who provides an opt-out option for personalised ads which can be found here. You can also use other services, such as, to opt-out of other 3rd party ad providers such as Media.Net Advertising FZ-LLC who we also display ads from. You can read the Privacy Policy for here.

    Blocking adverts has become a popular method to stop tracking or supress annoying adverts. We understand why advert blocking has become a popular trend on the web so we ourselves will do our best to provide a quality browsing experience over serving adverts in hope to generate revenue.

    We understand if you use our website while blocking our adverts, you are free to continue using our website but please remember the adverts we display help pay for this website. We certainly would appreciate if you whitelisted our site in your adblocker and in return we'll promise not to serve pop-ups or any other adverts that just destroy your ability to browse our site in peace.


    From time to time we will link to 3rd party websites on our pages and while we do our best to link to only family friendly websites we ultimately have no control over what these 3rd party websites will display.

    We periodically perform quality checks on the links on our website and will remove anything that fails to pass our checks. We recommend you take the necessary steps to protect your device from mallicous websites such as turning on your firewall, installer anti-malware and anti-virus software, and using a secure browser.


    We publish 3rd party apps on our web pages to help bring a better web experience for our visitors.
    Apps include facebook, twitter, and YouTube.
    We recommend visiting the privacy policy for each of these companies that can be found below:

    Facebook -
    Twitter -
    Google -


    From time to time we may make changes to our Privacy Statement, dates of such changes will appear at the bottom of this page. As we do not collect email addresses of our visitors there will be no email notification of such changes.

    By using our website you agree to this privacy policy and that of our 3rd party partners.
    If you do not agree then we recommend leaving our site immediately but we will be sorry to see you go.

    If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Statement please contact us and we'll reply as soon as possible.
    This Privacy Statement was last updated on October 1st