The Most Popular Cooking Show the Year You Were Born


The Most Popular Cooking Show the Year You Were Born

Here are the most popular cooking shows that shaped your youth. How many do you remember?


  1. Tomas Herzlich

    Cooking healthy food can be quick, easy, but most of all, delicious. Nutritionist and author Ellie Krieger has created fast, simple and healthy recipes for the real world. Healthy Appetite will show you easy ways to eat better, live healthier, have more energy and feel great!

    1. Melanie Lenoir

      CBS is sticking with Rachael Ray. Deadline reports the network has renewed the TV show for a 14th season. The series began airing in 2006. In addition to CBS' renewal of Rachael Ray, Food Network just announced they are reviving Ray's popular 30 Minute Meals series, Variety reports.

  2. Carole Stout

    another vehicle for celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, Master Chef is similar to Ramsay's other successful show, Hell’s Kitchen, because the contestants on both compete for a prize. But while the cooks on Hell’s Kitchen are professionals, contestants on Master Chef are amateurs. Despite the fact that there is little discernable difference between the two shows, analysis of available figures reveals that the show averages 5.64 million viewers. And nearly six million people tuned in for last year's debut.

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