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A Simple but delicious roulade of pork loin and jamón breaded and fried



Flamenquines Recipe

A typical dish in Andalusia, particularly in Córdoba, a flamenquin is a roulade of pork loin and jamón that is breaded and fried. Usually served with alioli or mayonnaise, lettuce and french fries, the fillings of a flamenquin may vary, from the addition of cheese and vegetables like peppers or asparagus spears to the substitution of jamón with ordinary deli ham. Although this dish can be found throughout Spain, it remains most popular in Andalusia where it can be home made or purchased at many local butchers and markets pre-prepared and ready for frying. Flamenquin Cordobes is one of the most popular dishes in Cordoba cuisine, together with Salmorejo Cordobes. You will easily find this dish on the menu of almost every restaurant, tavern and bar in Córdoba.



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