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Ireland’s Oldest Indoor Food Market
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English Market Guided Tour

One of the jewels in city’s crown though has to be its English Market on Grand Parade. It is a covered market supplying mainly food produce, local and imported to the people of Cork, Ireland and many business through its time, such as fish, fruit, meat and vegetable. Steeped in history, the market was established way back in 1788, and so named because it was opened by the Protestant (or "English") corporation which ruled the city at the time. 62 years later, following government reform, an "Irish Market" was established nearby, and though that’s since closed, the English Market has retained its original name. Friendly locals and vendors will be happy to chat to you about the area, and how it’s grown and developed over the years.


"Great place to either pick up some produce or just wander through as a tourist. The local vendors are helpful and friendly and will tell you all about your food - ideal for those searching for genuine cuisine."

Ayfa Twomey

Opening hours: Monday - Saturday: 8a.m.–6p.m.

Address: Princes St, Centre, Cork, Ireland

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