Discover Local Foods as You Travel


Local food Markets

It’s a shame to miss out on local foods, so dig deeper, get out there and discover the food wonders that all countries have to offer. Never write off a country as “not a foodie destination” there is always something new to find.


Travel tips for foodie

Most people will agree that having the chance to travel is one of life's most incredible experiences and one of the most wonderful things about travelling is the opportunity to try new and exciting foods.


Take a Cookery Course

Learning local techniques from a local cook or chef is always a fantastic experience. Sometimes you’ll find purpose built cooking schools, other times you can take a class in somebody’s home kitchen.


Visit Local Stores and Supermarkets

Even if you’re not self catering, take the time to explore the local shops and larger supermarkets. These outlets are a window into another country’s way of life.

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