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Eclectic Toilet Bar in Berlin
das klo berlin drink

23 euros

With Joelle

1-4 personnes



Das Klo bar

Das Klo is not the place for those who want a calm and cozy evening… or for the claustrophobic. Toilet seats, door handles, and toilet brushes hanging from the ceiling earned Das Klo the nickname “toilet bar” among locals. Water sprinkles at you from the ceiling, lightning flashes at you from start to finish — this pub is a theme-park experience. Beer is served in urine specimen cups and wine in blood transfusion packs, and animals like iguanas and boa constrictors will appear out of nowhere. Not for the faint of heart.


"Well, it's definitely a unique experience. The drinks are utterly disgusting but a visit is worth your while. If you're in a group friends, you'll have good laugh"
Bjorn Corthout - Norway

Opening hours: Sunday - Saturday: 7p.m.–2a.m.

Address: Leibnizstraße 57, 10629 Berlin, Germany

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