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The Cheapest Noodle Dish Ever

Joshua Weissman

Noodles should be cheap, they're even cheaper when you make them at home.

Can Will Smith Lose 20lbs In 20 Weeks?

Will Smith

Will Smith is embarking on a major quest: he’s gonna lose 20lbs in 20 weeks all while finishing his memoir. But he quickly hits a turning point that he didn't see coming.

Ganja Grandma Is In the Kitchen


@Abdullah travels to Northern California to reunite with world famous ganja grandma Nonna Marijuana and prepare a cannabis dinner full of classic infusions.

Amazon Go - SNL

Saturday Night Live

A commercial advertises a new grab-and-go shopping experience.

Keke Palmer and Hailey eat snickerdoodle cookies

Hailey Rhode Bieber

@Hailey is back in the bathroom with another special guest - @Keke Palmer! They are having a blast snacking on some scrumptious snickerdoodle cookies and going head-to-head in a Spelling Bee. Watch them put their spelling skills to the test in a hilarious episode you don't want to miss!

English Breakfast with Gordon and Matilda Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

@James challenges @Gordon Ramsay and his daughter @Matilda to a cook-off of a traditional English breakfast.

Teen MasterChef vs Adult Tasty Chef


In a rematch for the ages, @Malia (from MasterChef JR) and @Katie (from Tasty) once again compete in an epic culinary showdown!


Uncle Roger

@JoshuaWeissman make Thai green curry! Will he maintain his uncle title? Or will he make @UncleRoger's ancestors cry?🌶️

I ate at TikTok's Most Hyped PARIS RESTAURANTS for 24 Hours!

Raphael Gomes

Raphael Gomes decided to navigate Paris restaurants and foods... according to his TikTok for you page. Oldest bakery in France, the world's most interesting waffles & the possibly the best pizzas to ever exist.

SHOCKING Bahamas Food Tour

Best Ever Food Review Show

Home to one of the most diverse habitats of marine wildlife in the world, The Bahamas has a huge variety of dishes that are hard to find anywhere else.

5 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches from 5 Countries (🇺🇲🇰🇷🇮🇳🇩🇪🇸🇰)

Beryl Shereshewsky

It's time to get cheesy with Beryl Shereshewsky! Grilled cheese is totally one of her comfort foods and apparently yours as well, today we have 5 awesome variations from the USA, Serbia, Korea/US/Italy (it's an amalgam), India and Germany.

Keeping Up With Gordon Ramsay

MasterChef World

In this Challenge, home cooks Ben, Chloe and Michelle will have to follow Gordon Ramsay to recreate his dish of marron raviolo with shellfish bisque and lemon vinaigrette.

Waging war on the Jamaican patty: Canada’s bizarre beef with the delicious snack

CBC Docs

Patty vs. Patty tells the story of Toronto’s bizarre 1985 “patty wars,” when Jamaican-Canadian bakers went head-to-head with the federal government over the name of their beloved beef patty.

Justin and Hailey Bieber Play Fill or Spill Your Guts

The Toonight Show

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber come on the show to play Fill or Spill Your Guts, where they are asked personal questions and can either choose to answer or eat the food in front of them.

The BBQ King Of Brooklyn


Ruben Santana is the owner and pitmaster of Bark Barbecue, a Texas-style BBQ pop up in NYC with a Dominican twist. As a Queens native of Dominican descent, Ruben smokes brisket, ribs, and other meats in the classic Texas style, while adding his own Dominican flair to the spice rubs and sides, which include arroz con gris, maduros, and more. Ruben, who previously worked in the HVAC and automotive industry, started Bark Barbecue out of his backyard in 2020. Now he’s selling out at some of the biggest food festivals in America and is becoming a leader in the NYC BBQ community and beyond. Follow his Instagram, @bark_barbecue to see where he’ll be popping up next.

Top 5 Taste Tests

MasterChef World

These are the best taste tests ever seen in MasterChef Australia!

How Noodles Are Eaten Around The World

Food Insider

Noodles are a staple in countries all over. They're made in a variety of different ways, whether it's hot or cold, sweet or spicy. From classic spaghetti and meatballs in the United States to dessert kheer noodles in India, here are 16 noodle dishes from around the world.


Uncle Roger

@GordonRamsay trying to roast @UncleRoger? Let's see how good he makes his mee goreng (Indonesian fried noodles) first...🌶️

Colin Farrell Searches for Meaning in the Pain of Spicy Wings

First We Feast

Colin Farrell is a Golden Globe Award–winning actor with a number of eagerly awaited projects on the way—including his role as The Penguin in The Batman coming to theaters on March 4th, as well as the Kogonada-directed science-fiction drama After Yang, which is set to release July 8th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Hollywood vet takes on the wings of death and discusses classic films, the genius of Stephen Spielberg, and his love of Chili Klaus.

How to Make a Quiche - 4 Easy Recipes

The Cooking Foodie

Learn how to make a quiche at home from scratch. 4 easy and delicious recipes to make a quiche fillings and one recipe for flaky quiche crust. These are the quiche recipes: Pizza quiche (mozzarella & cherry tomatoes), salmon and broccoli quiche, spinach and cheese quiche, mushroom quiche.



As one of the best known street foodie capitals of Southeast Asia, There's an endless variety of street foods in Bangkok.

Pro Chef Turns Canned Soup Into 3 Meals For Under $9


Chef Dan Giusti returns to show us what's possible in the kitchen with a few cans of soup and some culinary dexterity. Watch as Dan prepares a day's worth of meals, each elevating cans of Campbell's Soup into something unexpectedly delicious. The best part? All 3 come in for under $3 a serving.

On the Job With Priya Krishna

How To Run a TikTok-Famous Bodega

Meet Rahim Mohamed. He manages a bodega in Red Hook, Brooklyn, where he stocks shelves, cleans up spills and serves sandwiches from the griddle. But he’s also a big deal on TikTok, where more than two million followers watch him come up with wild sandwich combinations for his never-ending stream of customers. Bodegas are the lifeblood of New York City, but what does it take to run one — especially when it’s famous on TikTok?

From Farm to Fine Dining

Why Caviar is so DANG Expensive!

Đà Lạt, known as the “City of Eternal Springs” is located 1800 meters above sea level in the southern highlands of Vietnam. Its pristine waters provide a natural environment to sustainably nurture the perfect sturgeon. It is here, atop the mountain that a small, boutique farm prepares delicious, natural caviar in these perfect surroundings.

RARE Vietnamese Mountain Food in the Most Colorful Market in the World!

Best Ever Food Review Show

Vietnam's northwestern region not only offers visitors a chance to experience ethnic culture and idyllic landscapes but also their unique foods.

Testing the Most Viral "One Pot" Tik Tok Recipes

Pro Home Cooks

“This recipe on TikTok is taking the world by storm. Its secret? It has few ingredients and the preparation is super easy. All the ingredients cook together in a straight-sided skillet, you don’t even need to boil water first—and it's on the table in just 20 minutes. Have fun cooking at home!”

🇺🇦Emmy Eats UKRAINE


@emmymade is having her first taste of Ukrainian food including cod liver, pickled tomatoes, and peppermint biscuits on this edition of Emmy Eats Ukraine ❤️

Gumbo Queen and Cocaine Donuts

Best Ever Food Review Show

It’s time to go down to New Orleans and eat some beignets, fired chicken, gumbo, red beans and rice, crab, and more! The folks from Best Ever Food Review Show toured some of the most popular eating places in New Orleans. Grab something to eat and watch some New Orleans wildest Creole cooking.

An Ideal Thanksgiving for One

NYT Cooking

Our collective single king is back with a holiday special: A very @VaughnVreeland Thanksgiving for one. He made a truly festive spread including... stuffing, pimento mac and cheese, bacon-y Brussels sprouts, two types of potatoes, canned cranberry sauce, an adorable Cornish game hen and an epic tri-pie, the Pie-fecta.

How to make the greatest Fish Finger sandwich

MasterChef World

@MasterChef offers ordinary home cooks the opportunity to become extraordinary chefs! The Top 26 home cooks are going to have 60 minutes to make a dish using any part of a chicken and only one pan and burner, as well as a limited pantry of produce.

How to make the greatest Fish Finger sandwich

Matty Matheson

Oi oi, we’ve got Canadian chef and all-round food legend @MattyMatheson cooking and getting his chops around iconic British dishes. If you think sandwiches without fish fingers in ‘em are a waste of time, get stuck into the first episode of God Save The Food.


Uncle Roger

@UncleRoger found the factory that make Jamie Oliver's chilli jam. Let's see what go on in there 🌶️

Thanksgiving For Two With Farideh


@FaridehSadeghin is in her kitchen whipping up a decadent turkey dinner with plenty of sides, perfect for a pared-down Thanksgiving for two people. Farideh cuts the work down considerably by preparing just a turkey breast, which she brines (and uses a secret ingredient for a crispy golden skin). Along with sourdough stuffing, green beans almondine, vodka-infused cranberry sauce, and sour cream and onion mashed potatoes, this spread has something for everyone.

Best Gordon Ramsay Moments in MasterChef Australia

MasterChef World

MasterChef World highlights the best moments from the world's favourite cooking television show. These are the best moments of the internationally popular British Chef, @GordonRamsay in MasterChef Australia.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown | Thailand


Bourdain and his crew head to the Chiang Mai Province of Northern Thailand along with celebrated chef and Thai food specialist Andy Ricker (Pok Pok restaurants) to explore the country’s distinctive eating and drinking scene that varies by region and season.

Salma Hayek Adopts Sean Evans While Eating Spicy Wings

First We Feast

@SalmaHayek is an Academy Award-nominated actress and film producer who has been a leading box-office draw for decades—from Desperado to Frida, to The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard and many more. Her latest is the highly anticipated Marvel Studios release Eternals, which is set to hit theaters on November 5th. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the Hollywood icon takes on the wings of death and adopts Sean as an honorary Mexican for his spice tolerance. Along the way, she discusses movie-business economics, explores the connection between Frida Kahlo and string theory, and describes a close encounter with an octopus.

20-Minute Vegan Meals EVERYONE Should Know

Nisha Vora

Having a repertoire of quick and easy meals you can get on the dinner table in 20 minutes is key for busy weeknights. But "quick and easy" dinners are often randomly assembled meals that lack flavor and excitement. That’s why @NishaVora is sharing three easy vegan meals that are flavor-packed and fun to make but take just 20 minutes! They’ll quickly become those back-pocket dinner recipes you reach for when you’re in a pinch.

How the World Uses Rice Paper

Beryl Shereshewsky

If you’ve ever had a salad roll from a Vietnamese restaurant, you’ve eaten a rice paper wrapper. They are super thin wrappers traditionally made from rice, water and salt that can be filled with almost anything. Since they are so thin, the wrappers are almost translucent so you can see whatever is inside. They also have a nice chewiness to them. Wrapping rice paper is easy — just as easy as wrapping a burrito. You will also get better the more often you do it. Even so, they don’t need to be perfect!

Eating with the World’s Most Isolated Tribe

Best Ever Food Review Show

The Korowai, also called the Kolufo, are the people who live in southeastern West Papua in the Indonesian province of Papua, close to the border with Papua New Guinea. They number about 3,000. They harvest sago from the sago palms in their gardens, catch fish from the river, and hunt wild pigs in the bush. The staple food in their diet is sago, and a single household will use one sago tree each week.


All In The Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay visits The Keating, a sports car-inspired hotel.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown | Shanghai


Tony visits Shanghai, witnessing firsthand the effects of China's booming economy on the vast nation. He explores aspects of Chinese history and culture that still resonate today amid the modern city's flashing lights and newly-minted status as China's capitalist cornerstone. And in true Bourdain fashion, he seeks out the best street food

Secret Diet of Myanmar MONKS

Best Ever Food Review Show

One of the first things you notice in Myanmar is there are a lot of monks. They wear dark red robes, and they are particularly noticeable walking around barefoot in the early morning, seeking out donations of food for their morning meal. Monks only get to eat what they collect (and unlike European monks, they aren't allowed to grow their own food). Certainly you don't see many fat monks in Myanmar, and some of the older ones (who presumably are life-long followers) are positively skeletal.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown | Punjab, India | S03 E01 |


In the season premiere, the host dives into the ever-changing state of Punjab with a trip to Amritsar, sampling cuisine at the dhabas (roadside restaurants), a gurpurb festival (Sikh celebration), Chapslee Estate and a free community vegetarian restaurant, while meeting with local residents who give their perspectives on life in this sometimes contentious region of India, bordering Pakistan.

The 10,000-Calorie Diet: This is What Sumo Wrestlers Eat


MUNCHIES introduces FUEL, a new series dedicated to the high performance diets of athletes. They followed Byamba, current world sumo champion, through his average day of consuming 10,000 calories. In and out of the dojo, Byamba shows them how to shop, cook, and eat chankonabe- a Japanese stew eaten by sumo wrestlers to pack on the pounds. Itadakimasu!

The Asian Food You've NEVER SEEN Before

Best Ever Food Review Show

You probably know that the Chinese food from your go-to takeout spot isn’t actually traditional Chinese food. It’s heavily Americanized (though, we admit, tasty in its own way). Being the world’s most populous country, Chinese has an array of authentic cuisine that is incredibly varied and vastly different from one region to another. That means expanding your palate to the world of traditional Chinese food can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Watch Sonny as he introduce you to traditional Chinese food.

Best Beccy Stables Dishes | MasterChef Canada

MasterChef World

MasterChef World highlights the best moments from the world's favourite cooking television show. These are the best dishes of MasterChef Canada Season 5 Winner, @BeccyStables!

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown | Vietnam | S04 E04 |


In this episode of Parts Unknown, Tony returns to one of his favourite places on Earth, Vietnam. For this trip, he journeys to the center of the country, near the coast, to a city he has never been to, Huế, The City of Ghosts. It has long been the epicentre for intellectuals, scholars, artists, writers, musicians, religious life, and famously, the culinary heart of the country.


Amelia Dimoldenberg

Amelia meets Ed Sheeran at Sam’s Chicken for a date.

What Do You Eat in Antarctica

PBS Terra

Generally, an adult human consumes around 1,600 to 3,000 calories daily. But in colder climates, people need to eat more: Keeping our warm-blooded bodies warm requires a lot of energy. It’s so cold in Antarctica that the average person needs to consume 3,200 to 5,000 calories a day (watch out, Michael Phelps). And because the continent is frozen, no food grows there naturally. So how do the hundreds of scientists and support personnel who visit Antarctica’s McMurdo Station each year stay fed?

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown | Jamaica | S04 E08 |


In this episode of Parts Unknown, Tony travels to the lesser-known, North Eastern Coast of Jamaica. White, sandy beaches and a cool breeze with a tropical umbrella drink in hand is usually the perception of island life. This is the vision of Jamaica that has drawn millions to the Caribbean island every year. But the reality of Jamaica is that it is a divided country.

11 Halloween Treats So Easy, It's Scary


These scary-good treat ideas are a must at any Halloween party, whether you're hosting or heading to a friend's. They are sure to scare up a crowd.

10 tiny changes that will massively improve your cooking

Nisha Vora

These 10 cooking tips from @NishaVora have made her a dramatically better cook and will do the same for you!

Making Croissants From Scratch For The First Time

About To Eat

@IngaLam took over 48 hours, but finally took up the challenge of making croissants completely by hand, with a little (a lot) of help from croissant expert Chef Dominique Ansel.

How To Eat Every Insect


Take a deep breath and come prepared with an open mind because today Joseph Yoon from Brooklyn Bugs is teaching us how to eat (almost) every edible insect there is. A vital and ecologically important world of food can be yours to enjoy with just a little guidance. Please be advised that like certain shellfish, some people may be unable to safely consume insects due to dietary allergies.

24 Simple Yet Delicious Breakfast Ideas

5-Minute Crafts

Here are tasty breakfast ideas you can do when you’re on a budget. We all have many eggs in our fridge. There are so many breakfast recipes you can do every day without ever getting tired of them. You can break an egg, separate it from the egg yolk and whisk it separately to make a delicious omelet. Or you could also make toasts with eggs and cream cheese on the side, bake them in the oven to enjoy a delicious breakfast full of protein. If you want to get more creative, take some hard-boiled eggs, mix them with spices and then add some mayo. Cover the egg white with breadcrumbs, cook the lightly and then turn them into deviled eggs.

2 Chefs Try To Make A Meal Out Of Peanut Butter

NYT Cooking

Mystery Menu is back! You know the drill: @Sohla and @Ham get one hour to turn one surprise ingredient into dinner and a dessert. Today’s secret ingredient is peanut butter! What will Sohla and Ham make? Stay tuned to find out.

Tofu Tikka Masala

Nisha Vora

In this Tofu Tikka Masala by @NishaVora, tofu chunks get marinated in a homemade spice blend and creamy yogurt, then broiled until charred and coated in a rich tomato-onion gravy. It's a plant-based spin on chicken tikka masala and one of the most delicious Indian dishes you'll ever taste!

The Ivy Inspired Lobster Pasta

Coi Leray

We're back with more episodes of Cooking With Coi! In today's episode @CoiLeray returns to the kitchen for some homemade Lobster Pasta inspired by The Ivy Restaurant.

Andrew and Rie Discover What Makes The Best Peaches

About To Eat

Peaches, in the peak of their season, are one of the most delicious things you can eat.@RieMcClenny and @AndrewIlnyckyj visit Masumoto Family Farm in Del Ray California to learn what it takes to produce the most delicious peaches.

Healthy and Quick Airfryer Chicken Recipes

Erwan Heussaff

Chicken is pretty common in any diet, however air fried chicken isn’t always great. Try 3 of Erwan’s tasty chicken dishes made healthier in an aifryer, but that taste very close to the real thing.

How the World Drinks Coffee

Beryl Shereshewsky

In this video Beryl Shereshewsky chose 4 different coffee preparations from 4 countries to make and taste! She made coffees from India, Vietnam, Greece and Portugal! ☕ 🍳 😊

Paris Hilton & Brad Taste Berries And Make Jam

Bon Appétit

Paris Hilton graces Bon Appétit with her presence for this episode of Taste Testers, the show where we pair Brad Leone with special guests for a rollicking taste test focused on one kind of food. Today Brad and Paris sample 7 kinds of berries before teaming up to jar some freshly made jam.

Trying 5 Comfort Foods From 5 Countries

Beryl Shereshewsky

With winter approaching, Beryl Shereshewsky asked people around the world what their favorite comfort foods were 😊

Americans Try Weird Irish Food for the First Time

Men Try Videos

Men try Irish food for the first time! @AustinSpomer and @EffinBurch have received a selection of sweets, treats, chocolates, cookies, and meals from Ireland sent by Craic Pack, and they tried them all! Can you guess wich were their favourite one?

Myanmar Rare Street Food Tour

Best Ever Food Review Show

Myanmar street food is one of the best things about this country. There’s so many delicious street vendors dotted around the cities, with local snacks for cheap. There’s more than 135 ethnic groups and borders shared with Bangladesh, China, India, Laos, and Thailand, so Burmese cuisine is wonderfully diverse. From crispy coconut cakes to flavoursome noodles, you’re sure to find something tempting on every corner of Yangon, Bagan and places in between. Food vendors here are super mobile, popping up on one street for a few hours before moving somewhere else. Follow Sonny Side while he shows you which are the fool-proof dishes to try.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown | Las Vegas | S03 E02 |


Anthony pals up with food author Michael Ruhlman as they visit the Huntridge Tavern and Jose Andres restaurant. Penn Jillet and former mayor Oscar Goodman are pokin around.


Tish Wonders

Autumn has well and truly arrived. The season’s darker mornings and cooler temperatures call for comforting meals to help break the fast. Enjoy these fall warming breakfast recipes made by Tish Wonders.

Nigerian Food Tour

Best Ever Food Review Show

Sonny Side covers mouth savoring dish from Nigeria.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown | Bahia, Brazil | S03 E08 |


Parts Unknown tours Bahia, known as the "African heart of Brazil" and internationally recognized for its Afro-Brazilian music, art, design and food. A look at the dance/martial art of Capoeira, the region's legendary food vendors, Salvadoran fishing neighborhoods, and a BBQ on the beach are featured.

Molly Yeh's Apple Pancake

Food Network

Molly's saucy and gooey brunch treat takes the best things about caramel apples and puts them in Dutch baby form!

We Started a Bakery After Closing Our Furniture Business During Lockdown


This sister duo showed us some breaderly love! Pandemic Kitchens is a new series featuring food businesses that sprung during this trying time

How the World Eats Jackfruit

Beryl Shereshewsky

This is really the story of Beryl Shereshewsky buying a 25-pound jackfruit and learning how to cut it but also having so much fresh jackfruit in her fridge that now she's only eating jackfruit 😊

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown | Russia | S03E05


On the eve of the Olympic games in Sochi, Bourdain takes his first trip in nearly 10 years to Russia, accompanied by his longtime traveling partner Zamir Gotta. Looking through the lens of a now Putin-controlled Russia, Bourdain confers with prominent locals, visits Moscow's historic Metropol Hotel, takes the Grand Express train to St. Petersburg, and explores the drinking and dining scene. One of the "prominent locals" who expresses criticism of Putin on the show is opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, who was assassinated in February 2015.

What the World Does on Saturday Nights

Beryl Shereshewsky

On the eve of the Olympic games in Sochi, Bourdain takes his first trip in nearly 10 years to Russia, accompanied by his longtime traveling partner Zamir Gotta. Looking through the lens of a now Putin-controlled Russia, Bourdain confers with prominent locals, visits Moscow's historic Metropol Hotel, takes the Grand Express train to St. Petersburg, and explores the drinking and dining scene. One of the "prominent locals" who expresses criticism of Putin on the show is opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, who was assassinated in February 2015.

Epic Vegan Tapas Recipes


Tapas is so genius when you just want all the food, but can’t choose. Or when you want to gather all your friends and everyone can bring a dish of their choice, which will give you the opportunity to try food you might not have done otherwise. There’s so much good food to bring to a vegan. Here is 4 AMAZING VEGAN TAPAS DISHES by Avantgardevegan, you just have to make the next time you’re making tapas!

The ULTIMATE IRISH Cheese Toastie! ☘️ 🧀

Donal Skehan

Donal & Nico’s Cheesy Road Trip! | Myself & Nico Reynolds had a blast making a mini film with the National Dairy Council to showcase some of the best cheese Ireland has to offer! We were tasked with the challenge of making the best cheese toastie possible, with the help of Ron D's Food Truck, Durrus, Gubbeen, & Levis Corner House all whilst exploring the picturesque West Cork in a vintage camper van! #enjoyitsfromEurope #atastymessagefromEurope 🇪🇺

Every Step To Spicy Tomato Tuna Casserole

Kendra Vaculin

Inspired by a dish at Brooklyn’s Saint Julivert Fisherie, this updated tuna noodle casserole is homey, bright, and pantry-forward. Chef and owner Alex Raij modeled the menu item after fideuà, a paella-style pasta dish from northern Spain. Kendra Vaculin followed her lead by toasting dry pasta like ditali or rigatoni in oil until golden brown before cooking it into the tomato sauce, giving the pasta nutty flavor and plenty of al dente texture.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown | Spain | S02 E02


The famous cook explores Andalucía during Semana Santa (Holy Week, leading up to Easter), a time filled with great pageantry and excitement. Featured in this episode is Bourdain's longtime Director of Photography Zach Zamboni, who lives part-time in Granada and shows the host sights off the beaten path and immerses them in tapas culture.

Supermarket Instant Coffee - Which One Tastes Best?

James Hoffmann

The beverage aisle of any supermarket is now crammed full of instant coffee brands of various price points and gimmicks. In fact, it’s sometimes mind-boggling to work out which is best for value and taste. There are now some decent options on the market. And while we want to wake up to good coffee, the manufacturers are cottoning on to our caffeinated desires. Here are the best supermarket instant coffees according to James Hoffmann.

Funny Homemade Desserts That Will Melt In Your Mouth

5-Minute Crafts

A delicious dessert can make us happy when we are having a bad day. Here are many dessert ideas that you can try to fill everyone you know with joy. With these cooking hacks, you will obtain a lot of delicious food that will also look very cute and special. This tutorial teaches you funny homemade dessert recipes and yummy food ideas that will melt in your mouth. Learn how to melt caramel and create beautiful edible plates and baskets to use as decorations on your desserts. Make also some jelly beans lollipops that the kids will love.

The Asian "Secrets" to Healthy Eating

Thoughtworthy Co

A few Asian countries regularly top the rankings of life expectancy lists. In this video, we'll be revealing their secrets to the world for the first time. Ok fine, not really! Every culture has its healthy (and unhealthy) ways of doing things — in this video, we talk about some healthy eating habits and wisdom that had been inculcated in us through our parents or our culture.

Pro Chefs Review Restaurant Scenes In Movies

Bon Appétit

Join Brad Leone, Gaby Melian, Alex Delany, Molly Baz, Chris Morocco, Andy Baraghani and more for another episode of Test Kitchen Talks. This time, our esteemed pro chefs review restaurant scenes from television and the movies. What seemed totally unrealistic and what earned the crew’s accolades for accuracy

Why Demand For Seaweed Is About To Boom


Seaweed is used in more than just sushi. It can be found in almond milk, baby food and lotion. Kelp is used in medicine, animal feed, fertilizer and even as a biofuel. That's why the commercial seaweed market size could surpass $85 billion by 2026, according to Global Market Insights. Seaweed farmer Bren Smith says all one needs to start in the business is $20,000, twenty acres and a boat, and that investment in a single seaweed farm can net up to $90,000 to $120,000 per year. Here’s why the global demand in seaweed is expected to boom in the coming years.

Last Minute EASY Halloween Treats

Rosanna Pansino

Halloween is here, people! With just a couple weeks to go, it's crunch time to find a costume and figure out what you're doing Halloween night. If you're throwing a party and still need to figure out what you're serving so your guests don't get hangry — THAT would be frightening. Have no fear, Rosanna Pansino has quick & easy Halloween Treats for yout that are festive and tasty 🎃👻🧙

Make Squid Game Dalgona Candy in 5 Minutes


Here's how to make ppopgi or dalgona candy recently made popular by the Netflix series Squid Games in 5 minutes. Let's see if you will survive! 🐙🕹️👺

How to make Palestinian Fattoush

Nadia Gilbert

Fattoush is one of the greatest salads of all time. The flavors are bold, the textures are just right, and you could eat endless bowls of it. It is universally loved across the Levant and the whole world, and sparks so much joy. Every household makes it in their own way. Here is how Nadia Gilbert makes it 🥗


🔵 We Made 1886 Coca Cola Recipe

Glen & Friends Cooking

Ever wonder how to make the worlds favourite soda pop Coca Cola? Very few people know the "real" secret recipe... but there are versions out there hand written by the inventor of Coke - John Pemberton. Glen's Coca Cola recipe follows his 1886 version. He got the idea to do this back in 2011 from an NPR radio show called 'This American Life', but getting the ingredients for Coca Cola wasn't easy... and still isn't.

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Sommelier Tries 16 Celebrity Wines

Bon Appétit

Sommelier André Mack returns to sample 16 wines made by celebrities, giving his expert opinion on their quality, taste, and value. From rosé wines by Post Malone, Snoop Dogg, and Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie through Jay-Z's Brut champagne and a Chenin blanc from Dwyane Wade, André will determine once and for all whether fame translates into wine making skill.

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How Traditional French Butter Is Made In Brittany

Food Insider

Insider's Claudia Romeo traveled to Brittany, France to meet with Jean-Yves Bordier, a butter artisan who brought back to France the 19th-century technique of malaxage, using a big wooden wheel to knead the butter. To Jean-Yves, the malaxage is a more romantic way to make butter. At his workshop, everything is churned, kneaded, and shaped by hand.

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Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown | Tokyo | S02 E07


Bourdain has traveled to Tokyo countless times, but on this trip he is in search of the city's dark, extreme, and bizarrely fetishistic underside. Japan is a paradox. The low birthrate, the dedication, the conformity, and the life of a salary man are well known. There is also a competitive and rigid culture that gives way to some unique subcultures. A significant portion of the episode is spent with sushi chef Yasuda.

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Family Fried Chicken In New Orleans


The Mogilles family, the family behind McHardy’s Chicken and Fixin’, has been frying chicken in New Orleans’ Seventh Ward since 2000. What started from Grandma’s secret fried chicken recipe has evolved into three generations working together under one roof, day in and day out. At the center of it all is Rahman, who single-handedly fries every piece of chicken, along with his two daughters, his mother, and his father. It’s not always easy running a business with family, but the rewards far outweigh the challenges.

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What Cheese Looks Like Around The World

Food Insider

Cheese from all around the world comes in different forms, textures, and colors, from white to blue. It’s eaten in many different ways, and some cheeses have legends or myths behind their invention Let’s take a look at what cheese looks like around the world.

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Uncle Roger MAKE EGG FRIED RICE for Michelin Star Chef

Uncle Roger

After many videos of critiquing and reviewing celebrity chefs for their egg fried rice styles, Uncle Roger has finally whipped up his own version of the Asian dish in London and had it reviewed by a Michelin star chef, Elizabeth Haigh.

20,000 Meals a Day At Google - A Frank Experience


Frank Pinello visits Google's headquarters in NYC to see how one of the world’s top tech companies feeds its employees. Googlers in New York have a variety of food options. From Mexican food to sushi to butternut squash spaghetti, the choices are endless. In this episode of A Frank Experience, Frank learns about how choice architecture-backed layouts influence employees' food choices, tries his hand at rolling sushi, and talks to some of the world’s most-well fed employees.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown | Indonesia | S12 E05


Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown follows host Anthony Bourdain, world-renowned chef, bestselling author and multiple-Emmy® winning television personality—as he travels across the globe to uncover little-known areas of the world and celebrate diverse cultures by exploring food and dining rituals.

In this episode a shadow puppet performance provides an entry into understanding Indonesia - a country comprised of thousands of islands whose people endured political turmoil, and one in which, Bourdain discovers, food is the great unifier.

The Return of Mr. Bean: The Restaurant

Mr Bean

Mr Bean goes to a fancy restaurant where he tries to dispose his awful-tasting meal. A waiter comes by offering him to try the house wine, which he swiftly drinks and stares at the waiter smiling.

The Queen and Bill Gates Go on First Dates

Spitting Image

The second series of Spitting Image premiered on 11 September 2021 after it was revived in 2020 for the first time in 24 years. Watch Bill Gates puppet taking the Queen on a restaurant date. For some men, there’s no time lost dating after divorce.

Day In The Life of A Michelin Star Chef

About To Eat

Go behind the scenes with Alvin as he spends a day with Chef Jane of Jeju Noodle Bar, the first michelin-starred noodle bar in America. From meticulously preparing fish to preparing endless bowls of noodles, being a chef might be harder than it seem.

Matt Damon Sweats From His Scalp While Eating Spicy Wings

First We Feast

Matt Damon is an Academy Award-winning actor who has been in some of the most iconic films of the past 25 years—from Good Will Hunting to Saving Private Ryan, to the Bourne film series and many more. His latest is the Tom McCarthy–directed crime drama, Stillwater, which is out now. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as Damon takes on the wings of death and discusses his vast filmography, his love for Bill Burr, and his showdown with Phil Jackson at the 2008 NBA Finals.

Cardi Tries Latin American Food

Cardi B

Cardi B and Indya Moore ate their way through the cuisines of the Dominican Republic, Peru, El Salvador and Mexico with help from chefs Jaime Martín Del Campo and Ramiro Arvizo. The rapper joined Indya Moore for a day in the kitchen with chefs Jaime Martín Del Campo and Ramiro Arvizo, the James Beard Award-nominated owners of La Casita Mexicana, in a recent episode of the Messenger series Cardi Tries.

Encapsulating an undefinable experience

Coca Cola Zero Sugar

The lively "Open That Coca-Cola" commercial includes an original dance and soundtrack by well-known musician Tyler, the Creator to encourage social sharing

Malai kofta Recipe

Ruchi Bharani

Malai kofta is a popular as well as most sought after vegetarian Indian dish in restaurants. Usually they are made up of mashed potatoes, mix vegetables or paneer. Rich and creamy malai kofta delights almost every vegetarian. This dish actually originated from the Mughlai cuisine. Chef Ruchi Bharani brings you this delectable, classic north Indian dish which can be served with naans or rotis and even rice and pulav.

Michael Jackson Pepsi Generation


Michael Jackson moonwalked and boogied in Pepsi’s 1983 ‘The New Generation’ TV spot, which featured a reworking of the track Billie Jean. Decades after Michael Jackson like Pepsi is still choice of a new generation.

Jack Harlow Chicken Shop Date

Amelia Dimoldenberg

Amelia Dimoldenberg has released a new instalment of her hila-delicious Chicken Shop Date series and this one is special as she is joined by American rapper, Jack Harlow.

Pepsi Remixes Grease With Doja Cat

Doja Cat

Fifty years after the stage musical launched and 44 years after “Grease” made it to the big screen, Pepsi has teamed up with Doja Cat to send a new generation back to Rydell High. You better shape up if you want to impress Doja Cat, cause her heart is set on a new Pepsi soda.

Pico de Gallo & Mojito Recipe

Coi Leray

Music has been Coi’s main focus for the last several years, but it certainly isn’t the only thing she’s interested in. In today's episode of Cooking with Coi Leray she returns to the kitchen for some homemade Pico de Gallo & Mojito!

The Antojitos Queen Of New York City

Street Food Icons

Felicitas Vargas, better known as Doña Fela, is the boss behind Antojitos Doña Fela, a Peruvian food truck serving “little cravings” that she runs with her daughters and granddaughter in Queens, New York City. After noticing there was an absence of Peruvian-style street food among the food carts in the city, Doña Fela made it her mission to bring the flavors of her homeland to the streets of New York. Doña Fela is the matriarch of her family and faced impossibly difficult challenges growing up, but has provided everything, including a strong work ethic, to her children.

Snack Attack

Andrew Cadelago

An old lady just wants to eat her cookies in peace, but a teenage boy has other plans for them. When it comes to food, boys will be boys!

Gigi Hadid Shows Off Her Cake Decorating Skills With Cake Boss

Harper’s BAZAAR

Watch Gigi Hadid while she embarks on her dream cake-baking internship under Cake Boss's own Buddy Valastro, the prolific baker best known for his impressive larger-than-life cake designs. Here, Gigi talks cooking and baking with her family on the farm, everything bagel pregnancy cravings, and favorite ‘Cake Boss’ moments.

Selena Gomez and Chef Ludo Lefebvre Cook Cheese Souffle


Selena improves her nonexistent cooking skills with the help of French chef and restaurateur Ludo Lefebvre; Selena is at her house, while Ludo's at his, and they attempt to make a French omelet and cheese souffle together.



Watch Tyler, The Creator Make Cinnamon Waffles In The Greatest Cooking Show Of All Time. You’ll never look at Eggos the same way again.

Bella Thorne Brings Snoop Dogg A Big Ass Sausage


Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg along with guests Bella Thorne and 50 Cent talk pizza toppings and pizza tossing.

Kim Kardashian West and Paris Hilton Attempt To Use The Dishwasher

Cooking With Paris

"That's hot, literally". Watch Kim Kardashian West and Paris Hilton attempt to make a fluffy bacon frittata in Cooking With Paris

Candy From Around The World

Food Insider

The history of sugary sweets can be traced all the way back to 6000 BC, and the word "candy" is derived from "khanda," an ancient Sanskrit word that translates to "piece of sugar." From fruit juice toffee in Ukraine to coconut drops in Jamaica, Let's take a look at candy around the world.

Martha Stewart Gets T-Pain Auto-Tuned ‘Sneak Peek’

Martha & Snoop

Snoop, T-Pain and Karrueche Tran love every minute of it when Martha's sandwich-making game is auto-tuned.

Try Not To Eat Challenge - Super Mario Bros. Food

People Vs Food

Will contestants be tempted by the tastiest treats from the Mushroom Kingdom in this episode of Try Not To Eat!

Lil Yachty Breaks Down His Favorite Snacks

First We Feast

The sultan of snacks Lil Yachty shows off some of his most treasured treats, from Thin Mints and M&M's, to Uncrustables and ice cream cake.

Steve Aoki & Martha Stewart “Lady & The Tramp” Some Pasta

Martha & Snoop

Snoop and Martha welcome Wendi McLendon-Covey and Steve Aoki to talk pasta and wine.


Chicken Shop Date Whith Shaybo

Amelia Dimoldenberg

Amelia goes to Morleys for a chicken shop date with Shaybo

Cooking Burger & Fries With Coi Leray

Coi Leray

Coi returns to the kitchen for her delicious homemade burgers and fries!

John’s LEGENDary Fried Chicken with Spicy Honey Butter

Chrissy Teigen

John is known to brag about 1) his mac & cheese or 2) his fried chicken wich is pretty good. He's been making it forever. Here is his LEGENDary secret recipe. If you don't have a deep fryer, don't worry! Just use a Dutch oven or a soup pot!

Paris Hilton Cooks Frittata


You know Paris Hilton from the 2000s hit reality show "The Simple Life" and her new Netflix series "Cooking With Paris," but did you know she's also famous for her frittata recipe?

Jonas Brothers Stop By For BBQ

Martha & Snoop

Nick Jonas talks about his wedding to Priyanka Chopra and Snoop tells a story about a time he he hung out with Joe Jonas in the studio. Plus, Martha learns the meaning of crunk, the Brothers debate their talents and Kevin Jonas talks about his daughters in a deleted scene.

Gordon Ramsay Guides Katy Perry In Cooking But Only With His Voice

The F Word

A divider stands between Katy's and Gordon's kitchen so Katy has to cook by listening to Gordon's directions.

How to make Migas Breakfast Tacos

Views on the road

Migas is a traditional dish in Spanish cuisine. Originally a breakfast dish that made use of leftover bread or tortas, today migas is a fashionable first course served for lunch and dinner in restaurants in Spain. Tex-Mex styled migas are the ultimate breakfast comfort food…with a kick!

Why We Eat Chow Mein

Lucas Sin

Lucas Sin, chef of Nice Day Chinese and Junzi Kitchen, breaks down the history and evolution of a classic Chinese-American dish: Chow Mein. Lucas explores the migratory patterns of Chinese-Americans as well as regional cooking practices to trace the growth and popularity of this iconic pan-fried noodle dish.

Snack Attack

Andrew Cadelago

An old lady just wants to eat her cookies in peace, but a teenage boy has other plans for them. When it comes to food, boys will be boys!

Almost There (from The Princess and The Frog)

Anika Noni Rose

Food is better when music is involved so why don't you listen to "Almost There", a kitchen hit song from the soundtrack of the film, The Princess and The Frog. Remeber to keep moving forward to achieve your goals and don't let anything slow you down. With determination, you can make it!🎶

Le Festin (from Ratatouille)

Camille Dalmais

While you're cooking why don't you listen to "Le Festin", a delicious song from the soundtrack of the film, Ratatouille. The song title means "The Feast" in French. It was written by Michael Giacchino and performed by Camille Dalmais. A pleasure to watch, and listen! 🎶

How to make Palestinian Seven Spice (Grandma Approved)

Nadia Gilbert

Nadia Gilbert presents her most highly requested recipe of the moment - her familial Sitto's seven spice that she uses in countless dishes.

Palestinian "Yasma's Salad"

Nadia Gilbert

"Yasma’s salad", or commonly known as a “Shepard salad” is a family favorite and it will become yours too. It is beautifully adaptable and you can change what you put in it depending on the day.

Giada De Laurentiis Makes Orecchiette Pasta with Almond Pesto

Giada De Laurentiis

In Italian, orecchiette means "little ears!" Paired with some homemade pesto and broccolini, this is an easy, go-to dinner recipe.

Ina Garten's Chocolate Pecan Scone Recipe

Ina Garten

Ina says she has a thing about scones. When they're good, they're light and flaky and FULL of flavor! Her Chocolate Pecan Scones are just that!

Giada's Pappardelle Pasta with Sausage Ragu

Giada De Laurentiis

Have a pasta craving? Giada's got you covered.

Ready-To-Go Egg Bites with Ree Drummond

Ree Drummond

This is the PERFECT savory breakfast if you're constantly rushing around in the morning!

Guy Fieri Makes His Citrus Chicken Recipe

Guy Fieri

Guy's Citrus Chicken not only marinates in orange juice, but is also glazed with an orange marmalade sauce!

Geoffrey's Mom's Famous Shepherd's Pie Recipe

Geoffrey Zakarian

Word on the street is that Geoffrey's mom makes a MEAN Shepherd's Pie. And now you can too!

The Legendary Dosa Man of NYC


Thiru Kumar, AKA the Dosa Man, has been running NY Dosas, a food cart in Greenwich Village's Washington Square Park, since 2001

The King of Falafel


Arnaldo Barcellos, known as The Sushi Man, is the most talked about sushi vendor in all of Rio de Janeiro

Mama Jo is NYC's Official Grandmother of Breakfast


Mama Jo has been serving breakfast staples for over 35 years. She claims to be NYC’s oldest street food vendor and isn’t planning on retiring her legendary food cart any time soon.

Brazil’s Street Sushi


Arnaldo Barcellos, known as The Sushi Man, is the most talked about sushi vendor in all of Rio de Janeiro


Natashas Kitchen

Natashas Kitchen shows you the only super easy vanilla cupcakes recipe you will need for light, fluffy, and melt-in-your-mouth good treats.

Pixar Ratatouille

Remy’s Ratatouille

Watch the final cooking scene of Ratatouille with Remy and Colette making them famous dish ratatouille.

Nailed It!

Joey and Hunter King’s

Sisters Joey King (The Kissing Booth) and Hunter King (Life In Pieces) attempt to make an elaborate hot-air-balloon cake. #NailedIt

Gordon's Ramsay Guide To Apples

Gordon Ramsay

Here's a quick guide to apples and some delicious recipes to try by Gordon's Ramsay

Easy French Macaron Recipe

Michelle's Macarons

Michelle's Macarons shows you an easy French macaron recipe beginner step by step guide and all the macaron recipe tips and tricks

Lemon Drizzle Cake Bakealong


It's difficult not to demolish this classic by CupcakeJemma in just one sitting, so why not make two at once?

Making My Grandmother's Migas Recipe

Simply Mama Cooks

“Migas” is the Spanish word for “crumbs,” and in Spain it's a dish typically comprised of stale bread and other ingredients. In Texas, where I grew up, migas are made with tortillas or corn chips, scrambled eggs, and, in true Tex-Mex fashion, plenty of cheese.



Alex and Marko show you how to make an Argentina style asado in your backyard with a DIY BBQ guaranteed to make Messi want to eat & drink some Malbec!

How to make Pisto Manchego

Yolanda's Taste of Spain

Pisto is basically the Spanish version of ratatouille (stewed vegetables), and it’s one of my husband’s favorite dishes. It sounds remarkably simple, but like most simple dishes in Spain there are excellent versions and terrible ones. The trick, as usual, is the quality of your produce and of your extra virgen olive oil, as well as the care you take while slowly stewing the vegetables.

Ajo Bianco Recipe from Gabrielle Hamilton


This cold soup, made from almonds, garlic, grape juice and panko, is a great alternative to gazpacho and a refreshing summer pick-me-up.

Authentic Spanish Seafood Paella Recipe

Albert Bevia

This Authentic Spanish Seafood Paella Recipe is loaded with spanish flavors, and believe it or not, it is very easy to make.

Super Fast Chocolate Pots

Jamie Oliver

Jamie is well and truly feeling the love and wants to make sure you do too. What better way to help than with a beautiful chocolate pot? However you choose to serve it, we know you'll love it.

How to Make Perfect Poached Eggs - 3 Ways

Jamie Oliver

How to poach an egg is one of life's little tricks which can be hard to get right. So Jamie's got 3 methods to suit everyone's ability and taste plus a great idea for serving them too.

How to Make Classic Carbonara

Jamie Oliver

Jamie shows us how to make a truly authentic, traditional and classic Spaghetti Carbonara. The dish uses two traditional Italian ingredients; a cured meat called Guanciale and Roma’s staple cheese, Pecorino Romano. This is the perfect Italian treat! Enjoy!

Super Easy Fish Pie

Jamie Oliver

This quick and delicious fish pie is full of flavour and lighter than traditional recipes. The usual white sauce is replaced with a colourful, fresh and zingy tomato salsa with a chilli kick. Topped with perfectly piped mash and cooked until golden, crispy and steaming hot. A winner of a family meal.

Easy Fish Curry

Food Network

This super simple 5 ingredient curry uses delicate white fish and tomatoes to create a gorgeous mid week meal that all the family will enjoy.

Easy Bolognese Recipe

Jamie Oliver

This is a great version of the classic Italian Bolognese – reliable, tasty and easy to put together. Brilliant for kids!

How to Make Bobby Flay's SIGNATURE Crunchburger

Food Network

This is the "house" burger at Bobby's Burger Palace. It's a basic burger (with onion, tomato, romaine lettuce and horseradish mustard) but with CRUNCH, coming from a layer of crispy potato chips!

Alton Brown's Corned Beef Recipe

Food Network

Corned beef is the star of your classic, traditional St. Patrick's Day feast, and Alton Brown does it best.

Creamy, Cheesy Crab Dip with Kardea Brown

Food Network

It's not a party without a creamy, cheesy crab dip.

Crispy Tortilla Pizza with Jeff Mauro

Food Network

Tortilla pizza is the perfect family-friendly dinner that won't break the bank.

Dump Cakes 2 Ways with The Pioneer Woman

Ree Drummond

Ree Drummond's fruit-filled dump cakes could NOT be easier to make!

Fast Food-Inspired Spicy Chicken Sandwich with Sunny Anderson

Food Network

Sunny shows us that you can recreate your favorite fast food chicken sandwich yourself at home (and it's just! as! good!)

Street Tacos of Texas

Jose Luis Perez Mendez

Jose Luis Perez Mendez, better known as El Primo, is king of breakfast tacos in Austin, TX. He’s been selling street tacos for over 14 years in Austin. He sells chorizo, ham, migas and bean and cheese breakfast tacos as well as traditional carne asada, al pastor and barbacaoa street tacos to his clientele in South Austin.

Chemist Turned Street Food King of Peru

Chef Tomas Matsufuji

Chef Tomas Matsufuji serves up some of Lima’s freshest ceviche at Al Toke Pez in Lima, Peru. Al Toke Pez serves high-quality ingredients at affordable prices in an unpretentious spot where diners can eat-in at the bar or take their food to-go.

How to Make Pesto with Massimo Bottura

Massimo Bottura

Massimo Bottura, the Italian restaurateur and chef-owner of three-Michelin-starred Osteria Francescana, knows a thing or two about homemade pesto. His restaurant just won #1 in the world on the prestigious Top 50 list.

How To Make Indian Potato Flatbread with Priya Krishna

Priya Krishna

Priya Krishna shows us the ultimate way to use up leftover mashed potatoes: wrapping them in an aromatic dough and pan frying them. Priya explains her techniques for making homemade dough (and learning about ASMR in the process), the importance of impressing her mother by getting this dish just right, and the ritual of eating aloo parathas.

Make Pretzels At Home With Zoe Kanan

Zoe Kanan

Zoe Kanan, head baker for Simon and The Whale, shares her technique for making soft pretzels. They’re both fluffy yet crunchy due to the use of lye, leading to pillowy, doughy centers and crisp caramelized ends. Once sea salt and a quick miso honey mustard is added, you’ve got a pretzel that is perfect, eaten fresh.

How To Make the Fluffiest and Crispiest Pancakes

Chef Jake Leiber

Chef Jake Leiber reveals the secret to the indulgent pancakes at his Canadian-inspired restaurant, Chez Ma Tante, located in Greenpoint, NYC: lots of clarified butter. Chef Jake demonstrates how to create clarified butter at home, shares how Chez Ma Tante got into the pancake game, and explains his restaurant’s fluffy pancake recipe—which includes egg yolks and lemon zest—and why toppings aren’t always necessary.

Borough Market Tour 🍔🌯🥨⭐️

idil's kitchen

If you ever visit London again you have to try three things...the chocolates like Cadbury....their Pakistani restaurant food...and Nutella crepes.

Tahini Cake

idil's kitchen

A classic Turkish Cake recipe packed with flavor!

Salt Bae's Most Popular Dish 🥩🥩 Beef Tenderloin & Spicy French Fries

idil's kitchen

Salt Bae is popular all around the world. Idil has been going to his restaurant for 15 years. In this video she shares his most popular dish's recipe. Beef Tenderloin (LOKUM) & Spicy French Fries. ENJOY!

Turkish Breakfast 🍅🍳🍞

idil's kitchen

Turkish Breakfast! A huge part of Idli's culture. In this video Idli tries to show as much Turkish breakfast dishes as she could in her beautiful Istanbul.

Should You Bring Meat to Room Temperature Before Cooking?

Helen Rennie

This specialty of Çesme, a small beach town in Turkey, is one of the world's great grilled cheese sandwiches, in which the cheese itself is grilled before getting slipped into toasted bread with raw tomato and optional (but highly recommended) toppings of griddled sausage and pickled cucumbers and chiles.

Easy SUPER Green Soup!

Donal Skehan

This super green soup is jam packed with all your favorite green veggies from peas, to broccoli to spinach! It takes no more than 30 mins and couldn't be tastier!

The BEST Duck Ragu Pasta!

Donal Skehan

If you liked Pasta a Limone, you're going to LOVE THIS! Juicy duck meat slow braised in a rich tomato and red wine sauce, folded with perfectly cooked pappardelle pasta is my definition of indulgence!

This Will Change How You Make Burgers FOREVER!!

Donal Skehan

This Smash Burger recipe is PERFECTION! So easy to make & leaves you with such a crispy, caramelized, & delicious burger you will make it over and over again!!

How To Make Chicken Paprikash!

Donal Skehan

Chicken Paprikash is one of my best winter warming recipes and it’s total comfort food!