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Andrew Puglisi


Eyre Peninsula, South Australia
Andrew Puglisi, Executive Director of Eyre Peninsula Seafoods Australia’s Largest Producer of Premium Mussels. Being a fisherman was always in Andrew Puglisi’s blood. And growing up, there was no doubt in his mind he would follow in his father’s footsteps. After finishing high school, he joined his family’s booming fishing business where he spent the next twenty years on the waters around the Eyre Peninsula fishing for prawns and tuna. The idea to harvest mussels struck Andrew more than 20 years ago as a new opportunity with unlimited potential. Not only was the region he fished in a perfect home to grow mussels – their sustainability meant there was simply an unlimited supply potential. He quickly saw the advantages of collaborating with other mussel farmers in the region. And believes this has been a fundamental element of his success.

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