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    8 Cooking Lessons We Learned from Julia Child

    Anyone can be a better cook with these down-to-earth tips from beloved home chef Julia Child.


      A brilliant, inspiring, one-of-a-kind, book from the incomparable Julia Child, The Way to Cook is a testament to the satisfactions of good home cooking. In her most creative and instructive cookbook, Julia Child distills a lifetime of cooking into 800 recipes emphasizing lightness, freshness, and simplicity.

        Julia Child is well known for her Coq au Vin (I think it's pronounced 'co-co-vahn'), or chicken in wine. The dish was created as a delicious way to tenderize a tough, old bird in poor households. Chicken stewed in wine is a wonderful, hearty meal that needs no more than a baguette and good wine to be complete.

      Almost 48 years after it was first published, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” by Julia Child is finally topping the best-seller list, bringing with it all the butter, salt and goose fat that home chefs had largely abandoned in the age of Lipitor.