8 Cooking Lessons We Learned from Julia Child



8 Cooking Lessons We Learned from Julia Child

Anyone can be a better cook with these down-to-earth tips from beloved home chef Julia Child.


  1. Kim Hartfield

    A brilliant, inspiring, one-of-a-kind, book from the incomparable Julia Child, The Way to Cook is a testament to the satisfactions of good home cooking. In her most creative and instructive cookbook, Julia Child distills a lifetime of cooking into 800 recipes emphasizing lightness, freshness, and simplicity.

    1. Hector Belmont

      Julia Child is well known for her Coq au Vin (I think it's pronounced 'co-co-vahn'), or chicken in wine. The dish was created as a delicious way to tenderize a tough, old bird in poor households. Chicken stewed in wine is a wonderful, hearty meal that needs no more than a baguette and good wine to be complete.

  2. Stephanie Clifford

    Almost 48 years after it was first published, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” by Julia Child is finally topping the best-seller list, bringing with it all the butter, salt and goose fat that home chefs had largely abandoned in the age of Lipitor.

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