7 Unexpected Health Benefits You Get from Sex



7 Unexpected Health Benefits You Get from Sex

Fight disease, reduce pain, look younger; find out why sex might be the key to a long and healthy life


  1. Betty Sanders

    Just like any physical activity, healthy sex is good for your heart. A study published in January 2019 in the American Journal of Cardiology found that men who had sex twice weekly or more had less risk of cardiovascular diseases, like stroke or heart attack, than those who had sex once a month or less.

    1. Carmen Nando

      Having sex at least once a week will keep your hormones, heart and brain in top condition. And the more you have, the better the benefits. Men who have sex three or more times a week reduce their risk of heart attack or stroke by 50%

  2. Emmanuelle Santos

    Without regular intercourse, your vagina can tighten and its tissues can get thinner and be more likely to get injured, tear, or even bleed during sex. Having sex can also protect you from other changes related to menopause, like vaginal dryness and irritation

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