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With The Return Of 007, His Tastes In Food, Wine And Martinis Have A Long History


    James Bond is a meat-eater. He has a fondness for beef, lamb, and game. In "Goldfinger" he is seen enjoying a curry, and in "From Russia With Love," a Doner Kebab.

      Each morning while at home, James Bond prefers to eat the same breakfast. As usual, Ian Fleming spares no detail in relating this specific item in From Russia With Love: The single egg, in the dark blue egg cup with a gold ring around the top, was boiled for three and a third minutes.

    With Vesper in Casino Royale, he dines on caviar, tournedos, artichoke heart, and half an avocado. Champagne of course; Taittinger. After getting his balls broken by Le Chiffre, it's broiled lobster. In between the gourmet gleanings, he manages to get in his regular scrambled eggs and bacon.